The Dallas Morning News in Friday’s edition published this story about “Hell Freezes Over,” Resource Center Dallas’ counterprotest fundraiser of Westboro Baptist Church. The DMN talked with Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper, who often speaks on behalf of the Topeka, Kan., church. Strangely, Phelps-Roper seemed to encourage people to donate to the cause, saying, “I hope they invest a lot …” Here’s the full quote:

“They’re trivializing the wrath of God already dumping on their heads,” she said. “I hope they invest a lot because what indeed will they give for a man’s soul?”

When she says “the wrath of God already dumping on their heads,” I’m sure Phelps-Roper is referring to all the rain we’ve had here in Dallas this week. It’s terrible, and she’s right, we shouldn’t trivialize it. But I’m a little confused about the second part of the quote. I don’t really know how much I’d give for a man’s soul, because I’m not sure how much they’re going for these days. What she’s probably trying to say is that $3,000 is a small price to pay for an ice maker in the summertime in Texas, so people should give what they can.