Officers have someone on the floor inside the barIt was six years ago last week — the 40th anniversary of Stonewall as it so happens — that Fort Worth’s Rainbow Lounge was raided by police, setting off the most vocal struggle between cops and the gay community in Cowtown’s history. Filmmaker Robert L. Camina jumped into action that same day, and began putting together a documentary, Raid of the Rainbow Lounge, which had a successful run on the festival circuit. But until today, you couldn’t find it on DVD.

Now, though, you can, with the home video release, thanks to TLA Video. You can purchase a copy by clicking here.

In addition, Camina has recently completed a follow-up documentary about an historic moment in the gay experience: The arson that burned down, 42 years ago, the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans, which killed 32 people, including two gay clergyman. Upstairs Inferno received its world premiere last month in the Crescent City, and is now scheduled for a week encore screenings July 10–16 at the Prytania Theater there. And look for it to make its may to a film festival soon.