Next Generation of Entertainment, which owns the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth, has purchased Best Friends Club in Fort Worth and will reopen the bar July 4. As Rich reported Monday, Best Friends Club closed last weekend. From the Rainbow Lounge on Facebook today:

Dear Family, Friends and Our Community;

To put all the rumors to rest, Next Generation of Entertainment has added a new venue to Our Team. We have purchased “Best Friends Club”. We are excited to add this venue it will join Rainbow Lounge of Fort Worth and Percussions Lounge.

We will open Monday 4th of July, 2011. You can join your favorite bartenders and staff!! (the ones you always enjoyed)

For those in the Community, All Charity Shows, that are scheduled you will still be able to keep your scheduled dates and we will assist you in raising monies for your charity.

….in the future you will be updated as The Best Friends Club will get great and exciting changes in decor and overall improvements. Best Friends will be the New and Exciting Club in Fort Worth!