The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which to our amazement is still referring to it as an “inspection,” reports here that the U.S. Attorney’s Office won’t investigate the Rainbow Lounge RAID as requested by the Fort Worth City Council. U.S. Attorney James Jacks told the ST that while his agency monitors reports of excessive force by law enforcement, it is the FBI’s job to investigate alleged civil rights violations. Jacks said his office doesn’t even plan to review the other agencies’ investigations because, well, they just don’t do that. A spokesman for the FBI said the agency hasn’t received any complaints of civil rights violations at the Rainbow Lounge. The ST has also posted Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead’s response to the report released Thursday from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. In his response, Halstead announces that his agency’s investigation won’t be completed by the original mid-August target date.биржа текстов етхтпродвижение сайта в сша