Ranch Hand Rescue is a sanctuary for abused and neglected farm animals. They have been removed from their current situation by a county humane officer, sheriff or law enforcement official.

In December, we wrote about a fundraiser for the organization to help owner Bob Williams feed and give the animals the medical care they need. Their goal was $10,000 and they raised more than $15,000.

“The place was packed,” Williams said.

This past week was a particularly difficult one for them because of the cold weather.

“Our animals still need their medications and feeding,” Williams said.

Frozen pipes and additional staff increased costs.

Lips is a 1-year-old mare they believe was beaten in the face with a feed bucket and suffered nerve damage to the face. When a horse has been beaten it takes a long time to rebuild the trust with humans.

Lips has now been adopted and is living elsewhere is Texas. The nerve damage has gotten better and she has gained almost 750 pounds.

Starlight is 7 years old and has a colt. She was near death when she arrived seven weeks ago. She has gained 150 pounds. The colt is doing well also.

Williams has been extremely creative in his animal care. Midnight was walking on three legs. They designed a prosthetic and he’s been in touch with Scottish Rite Hospital about developing a therapy program for the horse.

“For the first time, Midnight is running,” he said.

Caring for one horse costs $250 per month. For $3,000, you can sponsor a horse.

To raise money to care for the animals, Ranch Hand Rescue is holding a garage sale in March. To contribute, contact the organization at 940-464-0985 or email at [email protected]. Also, call to arrange a visit to the ranch.

Williams said to look for them at the TGRA Rodeo in Fort Worth in March. They’ll be selling the “Save a horse — ride a cowboy” T-shirts.