The sad truth is that there are probably more than these twelve that are worthy of exposing, but here are two examples that made Ranker’s top of the list

Hands in Underwear

It seems to be a recurring theme that most of these assaults tend to happen to people working in the news and broadcasting industry, because they’re the few who have the ability to report on it. The amount of sexual assaults that happen (TSA or not) every single day that go completely unreported is actually quite soul-crushing and devastating.

So the TSA gets another setback when an ABC producer rings in her opinion by stating a trip to the TSA is worse than “a trip to the gynecologist.” Meaning the agent she dealt with during her pat-down felt her underwear, felt the inside of her underwear and searched for an explosive device which was, of course, never found.

This Guy

Do you remember LolCats and those pictures with quotes like ‘I Can Haz Cheezeburger?”

Of course you do.

Well, the picture to your left may very well start of its own line of LolJunkGrabbing. This photo snapshot miraculously managed to go unnoticed by the TSA when it was taken (cameras are a threat to the US, you know.) What we get is the entire focal point of the pat-down debate and just how unpleasant, awkward, and downright scarring the new and improved procedural are proving to be.

Even the TSA agent seems to be hating on his life at that moment as he digs into that guy’s junk like it’s a unmovable car part that just won’t give.

All that this picture is missing is the agent being red-faced and sweaty with Ren-and-Stimpy-detailed veins popping out of his neck. Seriously, that grimace is sure to inspire hundreds of ridiculous quotes. This picture has been featured in more new stories and internet coverage than any TSA picture thus far and this man will no doubt become an internet superstar (or will sue the pants off of someone.)

The newspaper source got its topic right. This is an image that your mind will not get rid of.

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