By Staff Reports

The Dallas Police Department warned Oak Lawn residents this week that a rapist has attacked two women in about a one-month period.

The man, whom police have linked to both attacks by evidence, apparently entered the women’s condominiums through an open door or window.

The assaults occurred in the 4000 block of Bowser Avenue on Dec. 23 and in the 4700 block of Cedar Springs Road on Jan. 5.

In both cases the women, ages 23 and 42, fought with the man, but he overpowered them. The man, who reportedly said “no police” in Spanish, used pepper spray to subdue one woman and put some kind of material over the other woman’s face.

The suspect is described as a black or dark-complexioned Hispanic man, 25- to 35-years-old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 150 to 165 pounds with an athletic build. He wore gloves, a cap, white T-shirt and tennis shoes.

A $1,000 reward is offered by Crimestoppers for information leading to a suspect’s arrest in connection with rapes.

Anyone with information can call 214-373-8477 or 214-671-3584., and callers can remain anonymous when providing tips.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 1, 2008 оптимизация сайтов цены