David Webb, who worked as a news reporter for the Voice for several years until 2008, stopped by our offices to say hello this afternoon during a visit to Dallas. Webb is now city editor at The Delta Democrat Times in Greenville, Miss. Webb, who was perhaps best known around here for his hard-hitting investigative reporting and his weekly column, the Rare Reporter, said he’s found Greenville to be a surprisingly accepting place for LGBT people. He said the city’s progressive nature stretches back to when it was one of the few cities in Mississippi that rejected overtures from the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s.

“It just has a history of acceptance,” he said. “You can just tell that people aren’t particularly concerned about that issue, and there are a lot of gay people in Greenville. It’s an oddly tolerant city. It’s not what you’d expect in Mississippi.”

At the same time, Webb said he misses Dallas.

“I’ve got a ton of friends in Dallas, and so I miss everybody, and of course Dallas is so organized politically, with all of the community organizations,” he said. “Dallas is a great place for gay people to live, but it’s nice to know that there are rural areas where you can be who you are and not have to worry about it.”

I think I can safely speak for everyone at the Voice in saying we miss David and wish him luck.сайтразместить интернет рекламу