In the name of the daddy, and the boy, and the “holy crap — are those real!” Amen.

OK, so you won’t find that prayer from even the most reform branches of scriptural translators. But that doesn’t stop some men from finding religion of a different kind at the gym.

So when one clever reader voting for “best place of worship” cast his bread upon the waters of Gold’s Gym (under the concept of “muscle worship”), we had to take time out to give him props, if only in the blog.

He has a point: there are plenty in the gay community who put more faith in their workout routines than in an almighty, and probably just as many who give thanks every day to the ones who do. There’s a reason men exploding through their tanktops and Spandex are called “gods.”

Gold’s Gym is certainly known for its history of being able to turn a 98-lb. weakling into an Atlas (maybe even with the first name “Zeb”). Whether you’re one of a pantheon or merely an acolyte moved by those who are, we totally get muscle worship. And you don’t even have to wait until Sunday to enjoy it.

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