12525598_1258830027477458_3341239795588838754_oOn May 27, Dallas Voice will publish its third annual Swimsuit Edition, a photoessay of the best and trendiest in tan-worthy swimwear. We’re putting together models and fashions right now so that, when you look at the paper that week and online, you can say, “I’d look good in that.”

But here’s the catch: You would look better in that if you toned up a bit before pool season starts. And in Dallas, pool season lasts a long time.

Robert Elorduy — for the fourth year, Dallas Voice readers’ winner for best personal trainer — wants to help you get in shape. Tonight, he’s holding a kick-off event for his Vigor Challenge, a six-week regimen where he promises to work your body until you look sickening in anything from square cut to bikini to thong to board shorts.

Here’s the deal: Submit your photo (face and body) to Elorduy (vigormassage@gmail.com) between now and May 12, or just stop by his studio at 3102 Swiss Ave. tonight starting at 7 p.m. and say you wanna partake. Judges will look at before and after pics and present awards to first, second and third place. The winners will be announced in the May 27 edition of Dallas Voice. (Heck, if you look good enough in time for our editorial deadline, you might even be able to model for our swimsuit edition!)

Oh, and if you wonder whether Elroduy can give you the results you want… just look at him.