By Staff Reports

It’s a reality that public health officials, educators and MCC church leaders want residents of Wichita Falls to understand AIDS exists in the conservative North Texas city.

The Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church, the sociology and psychology departments of Midwestern State University and the Wichita Falls Public Health Department will present a panel presentation called “AIDS? In Wichita Falls?” on Friday, Nov. 30, at the Dillard Building at the university in Room 101.

The panel will be made up of people living with HIV and representatives of the sponsor organizations. They plan to share their experience, knowledge and advice about coping with HIV and how to support those who are living with the disease while helping spread information about prevention.

The Rev. Lea Brown, pastor of Wichita Falls MCC, said church leaders are thrilled to have the support of public health officials and MSU’s sociology and psychology departments.

“We are deeply grateful to all of the organizations and groups that are making this event happen, and we are hoping to reach as many people as possible.”

There will be a question and answer period after the panel presentation.

For information call 940-322-4100 or e-mail [email protected]

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