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Houston clinic holding HIV/AIDS,
mental health workshop

The Thomas Street Clinic/Harris County Hospital District has organized the HIV/AIDS and Mental Health Workshop for June 9, featuring a presentation on an integrated approach on HIV/AIDS, mental health and substance use.

The workshop, parking and lunch are free but seating is limited. For information or to register, call 713-873-4157 or 713-873-4026.

“‘Moulin Rouge’ is theme for Houston’s 14th annual alternative prom

The theme for the 14th annual HATCH Alternative Prom, set for June 9 at the Historic Magnolia Ballroom in Houston, is “Moulin Rouge,” organizers announced this week.

The prom is free for youth ages 13 to 20. But GLBT adults are also encouraged to attend since many of them either did not attend their own proms or were unable to attend with the date they really wanted to take.

Tickets are $21 for those ages 21 and up, and are available at the door only. Proceeds benefit the HATCH Program.

To make a cash or in-kind donation to the prom, contact Bill Alexander, HATCH youth services assistant, at 713-529-3590.

“(Loosely) Lysistrata” performance to
benefit Montrose Counseling Center

Stages Repertory Theatre in Houston presents a special performance of the play “(Loosely) Lysistrata” benefiting the Montrose Counseling Center on June 14.

Based on the graphic novel by German comic writer Ralf Koenig, “(Loosely) Lysistrata” is a loose interpretation of Aristophanes’ Greek comedy, “Lysistrata,” with a gay twist. As in the original, Lysistrata devises a plan to stop the fighting between Sparta and Athens in Ancient Greece by convincing the women to withhold sex from their husbands until the men stop fighting. In this version, Lysistrata is a lesbian activist and while the women do barricade themselves in the Acropolis, their anti-war plan is failing until the gay men of Greece come up with their own scheme to relieve the suffering of the soldiers.

Tickets to the benefit performance are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. For information or to purchase advance tickets, contact Michele Leal at the Montrose Counseling Center, 713-529-0037, ext. 352.

New HIV treatment pilot program
set to begin June 1 in Houston

A pilot program for treating HIV patients using silver nanotechnology is set to begin June 1 in Houston.

In the program, individuals infected with HIV – after blood tests and an examination – will ingest a nanoparticle-sized solution of tiny silver particles set in water for 30 days, then retest for improved CD4 counts and viral loads.

The program follows a 2005 University of Texas study that indicated silver nanoparticles kill or inhibit HIV-1. Dr. Susan Kern of Houston, one of several physicians examining patients and monitoring their progress for the pilot program, said the study “holds great promise for people infected with HIV-1.”

“Silver nanoparticle treatment may be the key to reducing viral loads in conjunction with patients’ current treatment,” Dr. Kern said.

For information, contact Dr. Kern at

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, May 26, 2006. поиск на сайте google