parking violation

This Renaissance Tower resident’s car was ticketed for illegal parking because it’s bumper was over the “no parking here to corner” line (Courtesy James Cannata)

Less than two weeks after the parking garage for their high-rise collapsed, residents of Renaissance Towers feel like they’re under attack from criminals preying on Oak Lawn as well as from Dallas Police.

After a portion of the condo towers’ parking garage collapsed on Oct. 23, the more than 1,000 residents of the buildings had no place to park. Surrounding buildings have been threatening anyone who parks on their properties with towing. Cars are being towed from an empty lot across the street. The city is showing no leniency for cars parked illegally, even if a car is only slightly over the marker for parking.

Resident James Cannata sent pictures and said despite five attacks on the Katy Trail over the Halloween weekend, just a block from the property on one side, and 11 attacks in two months on the streets just a few blocks on the other side, police and the city are offering no help.

Cannata said if police want Renaissance residents to park blocks away when they get home from work after dark, they should also make sure they get home safely. With limited police resources, he said, officers available should be spending more time patrolling and making sure Oak Lawn residents are safe rather than ticketing and towing cars, especially those only parked marginally illegally.