David Grisham

David Grisham, the whacko preacher who serves as director of Repent Amarillo, says his attempt to burn a Koran on the anniversary of 9/11 last year has cost him his job at Pantex, a nuclear power plant where he worked as a security guard for the last 25 years.

Repent Amarillo goes by the moniker “Army of God” and refers to itself as the “special forces of spiritual warfare.” The group launched a boycott of Houston after the city elected on openly gay mayor, Annise Parker. Repent Amarillo has also gained attention for a campaign to shut down a local swingers club, as well as a “warfare map” posted on its website identifying its enemies in Amarillo.

Grisham is currently running for mayor, and his campaign inspired transgender woman Sandra Dunn to enter the race.

MyHighPlains.com reports:

Grisham says on Wednesday, an official at Pantex Guards Union told him a termination letter was on its way. Grisham was placed on paid administrative leave December 23, 2010 after being placed on restricted duty for trying to burn the Quran in Sam Houston Park on September 11, 2010. The planned burning was stopped by a group of protesters. …

Grisham claims Pantex told him because he’s been gone from work more than 90 days, he no longer has a security clearance, so he no longer has a job. …

“They tried to find an administrative way by the stroke of a pen to take away my right to free speech,” says Grisham.

Really? Free speech? Last we checked, the First Amendment doesn’t include the right to work at a nuclear power plant.