Numerous outlets, including The Dallas Morning News and The Houston Chronicle, are reporting that Texas Rep. Chet Edwards is a finalist on the short list of potential vice presidential candidates for Sen. Barack Obama. As previously reported by Instant Tea, Edwards has a very poor record on LGBT issues. However, he has the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an LGBT ally, who announced Aug. 3 that she wants him to be vice president.

“One Democratic official with knowledge of the conversation said Obama told Pelosi recently that she would be pleased with the choice. Other Democratic officials said he was on the short list. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss Obama’s selection process.”

If he does choose Edwards, it would be a huge setback for Obama’s gay supporters and the LGBT community in general. It would clearly show that Obama has no problem filling important positions, including Supreme Court justice, with social conservatives. Edwards is a Southern Baptist who clearly believes that gays are second-class citizens. I realize Edwards is a “Democrat,” but personally I’m tired of having a hick from Texas in the White House. Let’s hope this was a leak intended to increase the suspense and uncertainty about Obama’s choice. But it’s not exactly the type of suspense I enjoy, kind of like waiting for biopsy results.siteзакупка ссылок для продвижения сайта