The Williams Institute, an LGBT think tank based at UCLA, reports that there are more than 547,000 same-sex couples that have married.

The number is an estimate since many places — like Dallas County — don’t keep track of the number of marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples.

According to Williams Institute, 390,000 couples were married before the Obergefell marriage equality ruling, issued two years ago today (June 26). Since the decision, another 157,000 couples have married.

The report also estimates the number of adults in the U.S. who identify as LGBT at 10.7 million. That number comes from the Gallup Daily Tracking Survey.

The number of married couples is extrapolated from the Gallup survey. “In U.S., 10.2 percent of LGBT adults now married to same-sex spouse,” Williams Institute reports in a footnote. Another footnote explains that divorces and deaths are not taken into account in its number. The 547,000 couples is the number of marriages that have taken place, not the number of married couples.

To the many couples that married on marriage equality day two years ago today: Happy Anniversary!