Danny Clancy

Danny Clancy, the Republican candidate for Dallas County District Attorney, will speak at Log Cabin Republicans’ monthly meeting on Monday night, Sept. 27.

Rob Schlein, president of Log Cabin, said Clancy’s campaign manager approached him and asked whether the candidate could address the group.

“I think it’s his first time to our club, and I think it may be the first time we’ve had a DA candidate.” Schlein said, adding that he thinks District Attorney Craig Watkins, the Democratic incumbent, is “vulnerable.”

“I think Dallas County’s going to go red,” Schlein said. “Republican voters are energized about this election, and Democratic voters are not.”

The meeting is at Mattito’s Restaurant, 3011 Routh St., at 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Also, Schlein sent over the full text of his remarks last week, when he introduced Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn at a reception prior to Log Cabin’s National Dinner in Washington, D.C. We’ve posted Schlein’s Cornyn intro in its entirety below.

Speech and Texas Senator Cornyn Introduction
By Robert Schlein, Dallas Chapter President Log Cabin Republicans
September 22, 2010

4 years ago, the Dallas Chapter embarked on outreach to integrate into our local Republican Party.

We invited our new county chairman to speak at our meeting, and attended Young Republican events where generational change is resulting in more acceptance of gay Republicans. At the 2008 State Convention, we invited delegates to our hotel suite for free pizza where over 500 people lined the hallways for our refreshments and to have frank conversations about our mission.

LCR Members continue to walk for candidates and join other Republican clubs. We participated in a joint meeting with the North Dallas Republicans when they invited Congressman Pete Sessions to help celebrate the troops. At that meeting he met dozens of Log Cabin Republicans, where I made a presentation about our club, our mission, our common goals, and a showed the LEF video of Rupert Star, “Courage Under Fire” to advocate for the repeal of DADT. A year later, Pete returned to keynote our annual Grand Ol’ Party.

By us opening the door, and him stepping through it, it gave political cover for others to step through as well. Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams proclaimed a new friendship with LCR-D. State Rep. Dan Branch, probably the most villainized state official by the left gay-media, accepted our invitation to speak, where he was met by over 90 people: members, city leaders, media both gay and straight. And, I scored some State of Texas cufflinks!

So, it’s gratifying to be here to today to see the national Party reach back to us, and to see Texans lead the way. They do so out of their own convictions that broadening the party is the only way to win elections. And, they do so in spite of strong public objection from those on the social right.

I appreciated Mr. Cornyn’s reply to Mr. Tony Perkins, Family Research Council who demanded that he withdraw his acceptance to speak today. In it Mr. Cornyn wrote, “Respecting each other’s dignity is not about ignoring those disagreements, but rather being honest about them, and working together where possible despite them.”

The differences we have with both our state party, and with our Texas leaders are well known. But as a national party leader, I believe it’s time for you to recognize the generational change before us that is more accepting of the gay community, and Republicans should begin taking the lead on issues of freedom and liberty and applying them to gay Americans.

In spite of our disagreements and disappointments, however, we remain loyal Republicans who come together to focus on the areas we have in common, and there are many. The most pressing, of course, is the forced retirement of House Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, while we look forward to 2013 when ex-President Barack Obama finally transitions power to our next Republican president.

The men tasked for these urgent goals are none other than our own Texas Congressman Pete Sessions, chair of the NRCC., and Texas Senator John Cornyn, chair of the NRSC.

Senator Cornyn was a Texas District Judge from 1985-1991. He served on the Texas Supreme Court from 1991-1997, was the State Attorney General from 1999-2002, and has been our Senator ever since.

He serves on the powerful Senate Finance Committee, which shares jurisdiction over health care legislation; the Senate Judiciary Committee, which questions President Obama’s nominees to the Supreme Court of the United States; the Senate Budget Committee, which is responsible for fiscal issues; and the Senate Agriculture Committee, where Senator Cornyn fights for Texas farmers and ranchers. Senator Cornyn is also the Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security.

Senator Cornyn believes that the first duty of government is to protect and defend individual liberty.

Senator Cornyn believes in a strong national defense. He works to ensure that all our men and women in uniform have the tools and resources they need to win America’s wars, deter the enemies of freedom, and respond to any threat. He believes in peace through strength, and that America’s credibility as an ally and partner is the key to reducing the chance of future conflicts.

Senator Cornyn recognizes the power of individual entrepreneurs to create jobs and opportunities for themselves and for others. He champions low taxes, sensible regulation, and open markets for America’s workers, farmers, and ranchers. He believes government must not pick winners and losers in the marketplace, but instead ensure maximum opportunity for everyone to participate in the next chapter of American economic expansion.

Please help me welcome our Great State Senator, John Cornyn.