Resource Center CEO Cece Cox

As an investment in the agency’s future capacity to provide programs and services to the LGBT community and people affected by HIV/AIDS, Resource Center has received a $50,000 grant from the Hoblitzelle Foundation to upgrade and modernize its computer servers.

“In order to successfully serve the LGBT communities of North Texas and people affected by HIV, the Center must provide staff with the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively carry out their jobs,” said Center CEO Cece Cox. “We are grateful to the Hoblitzelle Foundation for their support of the Center.”

Rafael Anchia, a member of the Hoblitzelle Foundation’s board of directors, added, “Resource Center truly makes life better for thousands of people in the greater Dallas area. The Foundation is proud to make this investment in the Center’s future.”

The Center plans to install a cloud-based hosted server that includes ample hard drive space, memory and ease of expandability. This will save the Center over $100,000 in capital expenditures, which in turn can be redirected to programs for LGBT youth, seniors and families as well as people living with HIV.

The server will also accommodate future growth as the Center expands its programming in a new community center, to be built near the intersection of Cedar Springs and Inwood. The Hoblitzelle Foundation has previously donated to the Center’s capital campaign. Groundbreaking for the new facility is scheduled for early 2015.