I am not sure if you guys have heard about this yet, but an organization called the National Organization for Marriage has produced a video (commercial) about how the “gathering storm” of same-sex marriage is ruining all these people’s lives and forcing them to deny their faith, etc. etc.

The ad features a variety of people, standing in front of an ominous background of dark skies and clouds and lighting and thunder, telling “their stories” about the horrible impact gay marriage has had on their lives.

Problem is, the people in the ad are all paid actors, not “real” people telling their “real” stories. The Human Rights Campaign, in fact, found online the audition tapes for the ad.  Another problem is that the stories they are telling are all lies.

One gay man has made a video in response and posted it on You Tube. Here it is. Watch it. Show it to your family and friends. We have to stand up and stop these ridiculous, over-the-top, scare tactic ads before the right wingers manage to not just stop the progression of LGBT rights, but again reverse the flow, as they did in California with Prop 8.

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