Got an e-mail today from “Rethinking AIDS — an international group of more than 2,500 scientists, doctors, journalists, health advocates and others,” announcing that this group has “established April 23, 2008 as the first Rethinking AIDS Day.”

That’s tomorrow. It’s also the 24th anniversary of Dr. Robert Gallo’s announcement that he had discovered “the probable cause of AIDS.” That probable cause, of course, was the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV.

But the folks at Rethinking AIDS say that “no proof was presented, on that day or afterward, that this type of virus can cause or is actually present in AIDS patients,” and that the medical establishment’s blind acceptance of Dr. Gallo’s claim has caused “unimaginable devastation” ever since.

Rethinking AIDS President David Crowe asks: “What have 24 years and hundreds of billions of research dollars given us? Tests that don’t detect the virus, and toxic treatment drugs. Incorrect claims about HIV and AIDS have even included statistical predictions that have proved repeatedly to be wrong.”

Crowe and his Rethinking AIDS colleagues say they are establishing Rethinking AIDS Day to challenge the long-held belief that HIV causes AIDS and to invite “concerned citizens around the world to join it in questioning beliefs about HIV and AIDS that have no basis in science.”

I, personally, am pretty comfortable with the idea that HIV causes AIDS, even though I readily acknowledge that we have a long way to go toward finding good ways to combat the epidemic.

But everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether I agree with them or not, and just so you can make your own informed opinion about Rethinking AIDS, here’s their Web site: adwords этопродвижение сайтов недорого