The Rev. Troy Perry, founder of Metropolitan Community Church, visited Cathedral of Hope this weekend for the first time in more than a decade.

“This is an important family reunion,” said the Rev. Neil Cazarez-Thomas.

Cathedral of Hope, which is now affiliated with United Church of Christ, was founded 47 years ago as an MCC church.

On Saturday, July 26, cathedral held a reception in Perry’s honor at its Interfaith Peace Chapel. Perry spoke at the 11 a.m. service on Sunday. The Rev. Colleen Darraugh said MCC of Greater Dallas joined CoH for Sunday services, the first time the two congregations held this sort of joint event.

Cazarez-Thomas came out at the MCC church in Bournemouth, England. He said Perry “saved my life as I became an MCC member at age 16.” When Perry retired from the pulpit at Founders MCC in Los Angeles, Cazarez-Thomas became that church’s leader. He left two years ago to become senior pastor at Cathedral of Hope.

The weekend was more than a family reunion, but also a reconciliation after CoH left MCC on unfriendly terms.

“We honor and value our history as an MCC church,” Cazarez-Thomas said.