Although I was unable to go, my colleague Chance bravely stepped in to cover the big country concert over the weekend. Actually, he was quite willing to catch Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan as they brought their Grits and Glamour Tour to north Texas on Saturday. Performing at the Eisemann in Richardson, Chance trekked up north to get in on some hoedown action.

Read his take after the jump.

Growing up a gay boy in rural Texas during the ’90s, I couldn’t help but idolize those big-haired country divas, whose tunes used to proudly blast through my Walkman. So coming across the Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis concert notice had me clutching at my metaphorical pearls and Lorrie and Pam did not disappoint. Not only did they play all of their big hits, but threw in some classic country as well. Both proclaiming themselves as “Opry brats,” they tossed in some of their father’s (Mel Tillis and George Morgan) hits as well.   They even did an encore melody of Beatles songs.

The majority of the show consisted of the two perched atop stools, since LoMo was sporting bedazzled thigh-highs  stiletto boots, I can’t say that I blame her. Tthey alternated songs with each singing melody for one another andstrumming on a guitar.  The most precious moment came when LoMo said that they would be happy to take requests, so if you would just write your request onto the back of a hundred dollar bill and send it on down. She clarified that all proceeds would benefit the Lorrie and Pam Shoe Fund.

Consider this childhood bucket list item, finally checked off! 

So, um, clearly, Chance’s mind was not on Pam Tillis for the evening, but he did catch some video of the night which is a bit blurred by the lights, but the music is quite clear and they sounded quite crisp. No word out if Troy Aikman made it out to the show.