Tom Goss pulled off a no-nonsense show last night jumping from guitar to keyboards and back to guitar all while charming a healthy number of fans who showed up for his gig. He was the first of three performers for the night, but likely the most popular. The guy even had two Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in full garb and Raid of the Rainbow Lounge director Robert Camina come out to the show.  If that’s not drawing power, I couldn’t tell you what is.

Clocking in just under an hour, Goss filled the time with a handful of songs that ranged from full-on pop to dreamy, acoustic ballads and each performed with quiet precision. There isn’t a lot of flair to Goss and I think that’s just how he wants it. His songwriting is solid which allows the music to speak for itself and it did. The audience responded well in its applause, but even Goss teased how tepid the crowd was.

“You’re all way too respectful,” Goss joked.

After, he hung out to chat with fans waiting to buy a CD or get a pic with him and gave props to following performer Rupert Wates. But well before all of that, Goss stepped up to my cheeky challenge yesterday and posted this small ode to Dallas. He even showed me the corner of the building in which he filmed it as his first order of business upon arriving in town.

After the jump are photos from the event. While we’re waiting for our slideshow software to kick in, you’ll have to click through each. You can also see video from the show here.