Robert Black (via Twitter)

The Texas Freedom Network notes that Gov. Rick Perry, who confirmed Thursday that he’s running for president, has tapped Robert Black to serve on his campaign communications team.

Black is a former Perry spokesman who’s currently an Austin consultant. He’s also the former communications director for the Texas Republican Party.

In 1998, after the party famously refused to grant Log Cabin Republicans a booth at the state convention in Fort Worth, Black called LCR a “deviant group” and likened them to the Klu Klux Klan.

“We don’t allow pedophiles, transvestites and cross- dressers, either,” Black said at the time, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Black didn’t back down from the statement when asked about it a few months later, according to the Austin Chronicle:

Black, still the party’s communications director, hasn’t budged much from his position in June: “Considering the traditional Republican principles against the homosexual lifestyle, we do not consider the gay vote to have that much of an effect on Republican politics.” What if a gay group wanted to back Republican candidates? Black: “I would guess, by and large, that most Republicans would not embrace an endorsement from a homosexual organization.”