Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been calling high-level Republicans in New Hampshire to discuss his possible entry into the GOP presidential race (does anyone still think he’s NOT running at this point?). As we’ve reported, Perry is also scheduled to speak at the annual dinner of a New Hampshire group that promotes “ex-gay” therapy. And it just so happens that Perry’s top adviser, Dave Carney, sits on the editorial board of one of New Hampshire’s leading daily newspapers. Gee, whom do you think they’ll endorse?

Meanwhile, Perry has picked up another right-wing speaking engagement, at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in September, where he’ll appear with equally nutty GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. (Could this engagement be a preview of a Bachmann-Perry GOP ticket in 2012? Let’s hope so.) The Austin American-Statesman reports on Perry’s trip to the school founded by deceased anti-gay bigot Jerry Falwell:

Perry will address a school convocation on Sept. 14, about five weeks after he plays host to the Response, a Christian prayer and praise meeting in Houston’s 75,000-seat Reliant Stadium. Perry tapped the American Family Association, a conservative Christian advocacy group, to organize and pay for the Houston event.

Perry spokesman Mark Miner said there is no concern that the two events would lead voters to pigeonhole Perry as a one-note candidate who appeals only to social and religious conservatives.

“The governor is a man of faith and doesn’t shy away from talking about it,” Miner said.

Perry doesn’t shy away from talking about his faith, and he doesn’t shy away from associating himself with religious folks who are, quite simply, batshit fuckin’ crazy — people like Mike Bickle and C. Peter Wagner, who’ve both now endorsed Perry’s Day of Prayer in Houston on Aug. 6. Bickle believes Oprah Winfrey is the precursor to the Antichrist, and Wagner believes Japan is possessed by a demon who had sex with the country’s emperor. Seriously.

Via Right Wing Watch, below is video of Rachel Maddow’s report last week on Bickle, followed by video of Wagner’s explanation from 2009 of his emperor-demon sex theory.

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