Tonight, queer artist Robb Conover makes a colorful statement with the opening of Sweet Bullets, the exhibit he curated for Kettle Art. The show features local artists Corey Godfrey, Dan Colcer, Daniel Birdsong, Tony Reans, Nix Johnson and Conover himself. Your likely to see a whole lot of bold colors, but he tells Kettle Art’s blog that it’s not just a Pop art show. From Kettle Art:

“We wanted a Pop edge without the show being completely POP. So, the name “Sweet Bullets” was coined by Corey. To me, its art that is fun and intense; as fast as a bullet traveling across the room and just as peaceful and sweet at the same time. We wanted to give Kettle-ites a new feeling of adventure after leaving the show. We want the audience to experience a journey that the walls at Kettle have never seen.”

Read more of what Conover tells Kettle here and see some of the works that will be on display through Dec. 10.Kettle Art is located at 2714 Elm St. The opening starts at 7 p.m.