In an earlier post about the hate crime attack on two gay men in Oak Lawn late Friday, one commenter noted that a performer headed into the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth was robbed at gunpoint the same night.

I have found a Fort Worth PD report on the incident. According to the report, which lists the offense location as the Rainbow Lounge’s address at 651 S. Jennings, says only that a police officer was dispatched to the address shortly after midnight (so technically, it was Saturday morning), and that the officer took a report from the victim who said he was robbed at gunpoint by two black male suspects.

Robert, the person who left the comment, told me that the victim was a regular drag performer at one of the Dallas bars, and that he had gone to Fort Worth to perform in a show at Rainbow Lounge. Robert said the victim had parked and was on his way into the bar when he was accosted and robbed.

I am trying to get in touch with the victim, and will update the story as soon as I get more юридических услуг