By ARNOLD WAYNE JONES | Life+Style Editor

Wilhelmina Models, fitness mags are looking for the best bodies — and you know that has to be a gay guy

Gold’s Gym, 4817 W. Park Road, Plano. Oct. 24,
10 a.m.–3 p.m.

FIT TO BE SPIED | Men and women get a chance to appear in a fitness magazine and win a modeling contract this weekend.

Attention all showoffs — especially the ones who have something to be proud to show off. Men’s Fitness wants you.

Yeah, yeah, we know — you read the magazine for the "exercise tips," not for the hot shirtless men sweating their glutes into tight pillows of man-muscle. Right.
But how would you like not just to ogle these men but be one of them?

It might happen this weekend. Men’s Fitness (and for the ladies, Shape magazine), in conjunction with Wilhelmina Models, is holding hot-body auditions Saturday at the Gold’s Gym in Plano. The goal is to find one man and one woman who "epitomize beauty, health and a fit lifestyle." And you just know that means "gay guy."

Dallas is one of three stops on the nationwide talent search that also includes New York City and Miami, as well as anyone who wants to go online to enter electronically. (The search ends on Nov. 30.) From all the hopefuls, five men and five women will be flown to New York in early 2010 for the chance to be the one to sign a five-year deal with Wilhelmina and get a spread in Men’s Fitness or Shape.

Participants must be over 18.

We grow ’em bigger’n Texas, so hurry up! Do those squats and get that body in shape by Saturday! You’ll wanna show Wilhelmina what real fitness looks like.    

If you plan to enter and want to show off your body for readers of Dallas Voice, e-mail with your name, age, photo and exercise regimen and we might feature you in an upcoming issue.                     

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