Last week I called departing Dallas Morning News opinion columnist Rod Dreher an “accessory to murder” for his recent piece attacking the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, an organization designed to protect LGBT youth. Well apparently Dreher just couldn’t handle this at all, because yesterday he lashed out on his Crunchy Con blog by calling me “a neurotic teenage girl in the body of a grown man” and “a screaming meemee,” whatever that is. Ironically, Dreher’s childish, homophobic rant is tacked onto the end of a blog post that features recent comments by Clint Eastwood, who laments in talking about his new movie “Invictus” that we’ve seemingly become a nation of intolerant, juvenile extremists. So basically, Dreher proceeds to do exactly what Eastwood is railing against. In case you’re wondering, Eastwood is a libertarian and a supporter of full LGBT equality, and I’m pretty sure he’d say the only thing we shouldn’t tolerate is intolerance — or, in other words, people like Rod Dreher.

UPDATE: I just noticed that Dreher’s new boss was one of the largest individual donors to Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in California. Dreher is leaving The DMN to work for the John Templeton Foundation, which is headed by John M. Templeton Jr., who along with his wife gave about $1 million in support of Prop 8. Templeton was criticized for the donation since the John Templeton Foundation claims to be apolitical and is in fact barred from political activity because it’s a 501(c)(3). Shocking!!!racer mobile gamegoogle adwords цены