Top: Honey Boy in June, shortly after his rescue. Bottom: Honey Boy in September after gaining 300 pounds.

The Stockyards Championship Rodeo in Fort Worth on Friday, Sept. 23 will benefit Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle. Proceeds from the rodeo will go toward the purchase of hay and feed for the gay-run farm animal rescue organization. The rodeo takes place at 121 E. Exchange Ave. in the Stockyards north of Downtown Fort Worth.

Midnite, a miniature horse that was rescued last year and fitted with a prosthetic leg, will be on hand at the Stockyards Rodeo. Midnite has inspired children who have had amputations and visited places such as Scottish Rite Hospital in Oak Lawn and a new park for children with disabilities in Houston. He’s the subject of an upcoming segment on Animal Planet.

The rescue organization takes in a variety of farm animals including horses, goats, sheep, alpacas and llamas that have been starved and abused. Owner Bob Williams works with law enforcement on confiscations of abused animals but will only take them if law enforcement prosecutes.

He said Denton County is very aggressive about pursuing animal abuse charges but some rural counties in Texas are not.

Williams said that Honey Boy, a horse seized from a property in Brownwood, is doing extremely well and has gained 300 pounds since his rescue in June. Here’s the original story about Honey Boy. Williams said the heat slowed his growth because he didn’t eat as much as he would have in cooler weather. Plus, he’s missing quite a few teeth. He still has 200 to 400 more pounds to gain.

“His color darkens as he gets healthy and loses all the bad hair,” Williams said. “He has settled in nicely. He knows he is safe and part of our family.”

To donate to ranch Hand Rescue directly, go here.