Roseanne Barr-slash-Arnold-slash-nothing has been pretty upfront about her personal history, being abused while growing up in conservative Salt Lake City. She’s certainly been a pioneer for gay issues over her long career, from her Roseanne sitcom, where she routinely featured gay characters and had a famous prime-time same-sex kiss with Mariel Hemingway. (Sara Gilbert, who recently announced her split from her partner, was one of the stars of the show before coming out.)

On the next episode of her new show, the reality-based quirkcom Roseanne’s Nuts, Roseanne returns to SLC to serve as grand marshal of the city’s gay Pride parade, stoking the flames of the attendees with her fiery rants about equality and revisiting old memories.

The episode, called “Homecoming Parade,” airs Friday at 9 p.m. on Lifetime, with replays throughout the week.