cohntrumpPerhaps this weekend you were able to get to the Kalita Humphreys Theater to check out Uptown Players‘ production of Tony Kushner’s epic play, Angels in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches. (If not, there’s still time, and my review will be in Dallas Voice this weekend.) One of the main characters in the play is a real-life person, Roy Cohn, who died of AIDS in August 1986, despite being a homophobic right wing nut job — Sen. Joe McCarthy’s right-hand man and an instrumental player in assuring the execution of alleged spy Ethel Rosenberg. A terrible man, a blight of a human being.

He was also Donald Trump’s mentor.

Yeah. Listen careful to the craven, evil advice Cohn delivers in Angels. Then think if you can translate that into the current political situation.

This isn’t anything new. Media from the New York Times to CNN to The Advocate have written about the relationship this year, but it didn’t really gain traction. Kinda makes you wonder. When former Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers was tied to Obama, it stuck like white on rice. But Cohn was a terrorist of a different sort, and a direct mentor of Trump. Trump admits it. So why wasn’t it covered more?

I know I’m preaching to the converted, but keep this in mind with all your conservative friends and family. When they complain about the “shady” dealings of “Crooked” Hillary, remind them that her opponent advocated red-baiting, witch-hunting, blacklisting political underhandedness. And see what they say.

And then see Angels in America to see what I’m talking about.