There isn’t too much to say about Rufus Wainwright’s performance Saturday in Fort Worth and that’s actually a good thing. He performed a simple show playing only with a guitar or his piano. He scaled back mostly to preview and even rehearse material for his a new album. In that simplicity, he was crazy good.

His voice was really the star of the night. His vocal runs resonated throughout Bass beautifully. Enough to keep people quiet and mesmerized. He almost commands accidentally. When he started to sing each song, it was a collective notion to pay attention.

It’s funny to think how Wainwright is hardly a big star yet the crowd filled up the majority of the hall. What’s more, after ten years, he hasn’t become a product either. His song selection didn’t contain the popular “I Don’t Know What It Is” or any of the obvious Judy Garland numbers that might have been expected yet he still played his signature songs while throwing in new numbers and an aria from his opera, Prima Donna. He’s still obscure enough to call his own shots without being railed for it.

But the short of it is, he performed beautifully. Saturday night showed he’s an artist who is sick with talent rather than a celebrity who happens to give good music. Opening act Joan as Police Woman was, well…um…she had a nice guitar.

Pardon the blurred video. It’s more about how he sounded than how the show looked.

TOOLBOX: I don’t have pics of the tools from this show but they say directly across from me on rows P and Q in the aisle seats. Two guys felt the need to have text conversations on their ultra-bright screened iPhones throughout the entire show. Either that or they felt the need to tweet their experience the whole night long. One of the guys even decided to get on the phone.  They distracted the whole night long with their mini-spotlights turning on every few seconds for them to text away. The good thing is, they probably remind other people not to engage in such douchebaggery.продвижение сайта в поисковикахинтернет реклама саратова