RuPaul hosts Logo’s ‘Drag Race’

Thought you’d seen the last of ’90s drag star RuPaul? Think again.

The vivacious and indomitable "supermodel of the world" has been laying low for a while, but is set to make a blazing pop-culture re-entry when MTV’s gay cable channel Logo debuts the new series "RuPaul’s Drag Race."

Hosted by RuPaul, who’ll be both mentor and judge (kind of like Tyra, Heidi and Seacrest, all rolled into one very tall package), the series will see queer contestants compete to become America’s next superstar drag queen.

What the competition’s challenges will entail (proper waxing?) and what the prizes will be — since there’s no real mainstream precedent outside of RuPaul for this sort of thing — is still a mystery, but all drag secrets will be revealed when the six-episode series sashays onto TV screens early next year.

Swank books flight on ‘Amelia’
Was Amelia Earhart a lesbian?

History will never really know, because, although she married during her short life, it was a progressive, unconventional partnership, one that at least signified an unsentimental attachment and strong feminist ideas

So who better to play the famed pioneering female aviator and lesbian icon in director Mira Nair’s ("The Namesake") upcoming "Amelia" than Hilary Swank, a performer whose greatest screen success has come from playing characters who defy gender traditions?

Shooting right now, the film will focus on Earhart’s earlier life and career before the fateful 1937 flight that resulted in her disappearance.

It will feature co-stars Richard Gere as George Putnam, Earhart’s husband, and Virginia Madsen.

Audiences can expect to see the film sometime in 2009.

That’s right around the time that Oscar nomination season draws near.

Eva Green ‘Cracks’ the books
Actress Eva Green’s household name status in the United States may still be in question — both because of the underperforming fantasy "The Golden Compass" and in spite of her co-starring role in the hugely successful "Casino Royale."

But that could well change in queer households soon enough when she stars in the feature "Cracks."

The French beauty already flirted with the subject of bisexuality in her screen debut, Bernardo Bertolucci’s "The Dreamers," and now "Cracks," set in a girls’ boarding school, contains a fair amount of lesbian intrigue among the staff and students.

(Just think more "Dead Poets Society" than "D.E.B.S.")

It’s the first feature for director Jordon Scott, who is filmmaker Ridley Scott’s daughter, and when it lands in theaters in 2009, hopefully the passing-on of talent genes will score her good grades with audiences and critics.

Udo Kier’s next ‘Shot’
It’s safe to say that even if you don’t think you know who Udo Kier is, you’ve still seen him many times.

That’s because the veteran gay character actor has been in more movies than would seem humanly possible.

From "Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein" to "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," the German-born thespian has done a little of everything on screen.

Up next, among small roles in about seven other features, he’s teaming up with legendary cult directors Alejandro Jodorowsky ("El Topo") and David Lynch ("Twin Peaks") for "King Shot."

Lynch will produce the Jodorowsky-directed film (his first in 19 years).

The plot is still sketchy. But it will co-star a cast seemingly chosen based on their alliterative names: Nick Nolte, Asia Argento and Marilyn Manson.

Expect to see a big critical deal made of this one.

These articles appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 23, 2008.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 23, 2008.

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