An expert on vain egocentrics, Everett says gay movement is too ‘Abercrombie and strollers’

QUEER DAD: During an interview for his movie ‘The Next Best Thing,’ Rupert Everett told Dallas Voice, "A homosexual man can be just as good as a father as anyone else." Guess he changed his tune.

In a biting new interview with Kevin Sessums for The Daily Beast, actor Rupert Everett went off on gay men who get married and father children.

Sessums asked "The Next Best Thing" star about coming out to his parents, who were saddened by not having grandchildren.

When Sessums suggested adoption or surrogacy, he struck a vein.

"This surrogacy thing is crap. It is utterly hideous. I think it’s egocentric and vain. And these endless IVF treatments people go through. I mean, if you are meant to have babies then great. But this whole idea of two gay guys filling a cocktail shaker with their sperm and impregnating some grim lesbian and then it gets cut out is just really weird. If I did have the impulse to be a parent, I would adopt—or foster.

But this whole thing of forcing the idea of parenthood on us gay men is so bogus. Marriage? Babies? Please. I want to be illegal. I want to live outside the mainstream," Everett said.

Sessums suggested that Everett might be old fashioned.

"Or am I slightly ahead of the curve? It has to change. These awful middle-class queens — which is what the gay movement has become — are so tiresome. It’s all Abercrombie & Fitch and strollers," Everett said.

Gay porn idol Jack Wrangler dead at 62

The 1970s gay porn idol Jack Wrangler has died at age 62.

Jack, aka John Robert Stillman, was born June 11, 1946 in Beverly Hills. His father was legendary independent movie producer Robert Stillman ("Home of the Brave") and his mother was a Busby Berkeley dancer.

Lewis Tice, director of publicity and marketing for TLA Releasing, a distributor of gay-themed independent films, says Wrangler died in New York City of complications of lung disease.

Wrangler was a child television actor and later a star of many regional theater productions and almost 100 adult movies, gay and straight. He was one of the few gay adult performers to work in straight films, and his first encounter with a woman was allegedly on screen.

Wrangler was also the husband of singing/recording legend Margaret Whiting, who survives. Their relationship was explored in director Jeffrey Schwarz’s touching documentary Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon. Wrangler was catapulted back into the spotlight when Schwarz’s movie toured film festivals last year to wide acclaim. Wrangler won a 2009 GayVN award for "Best Alternative Release" in late March.

The film is now on DVD.

One of Jack’s last interviews was for Unzipped magazine.

Drudge rejects ‘Out’ honor

Matt Drudge rejected the honor of being placed sixth in Out magazine’s annual "50 most Powerful Gays in America" list.  Drudge is the owner of the right-wing news-aggregating site Drudge Report.

Out referred the blogger as an "archly conservative 42-year-old" who "happens to love Chaka Khan, ‘The Young and the Restless,’ and sex with men," and labeled Drudge’s agenda as "anti-gay, anti-choice, and anti-tolerance."

"False. False. False," Drudge wrote in an e-mail to New York magazine. "I do not love sex with men. My site is not anti-gay. I present both sides of the anti-choice-life issue. I am not anti-tolerant! Except against big-government freaks. I liked Chaka in the eighties, and have not watched ‘Young and the Restless’ in 20 years! But I do watch Judge Judy!"

An Out press release said, "the 42-year old journalist has enjoyed a long-term relationship with a male landscape gardener."

In the "power 50" list, Out ranked Anderson Cooper third.

Mitchell takes Eckhart and Kidman down the ‘Rabbit Hole’

Why is that so many hack directors crank out movie after movie while the really talented filmmakers make us wait?

John Cameron Mitchell took five long years after "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" to get 2006’s "Shortbus" into theaters. And he’s only now getting rolling on his third feature, which sounds both fascinating and mass-audience friendly.

Mitchell has been tapped to bring the Pulitzer Prize–winning Broadway hit "Rabbit Hole" to the big screen, and he’s got Aaron Eckhart and Nicole Kidman in the lead roles.

David Lindsay-Abaire will adapt his own play, which tells the story of a married couple taking an emotional journey after sudden tragedy strikes. Kidman is producing and will play the role that won lesbian actress Cynthia Nixon a Tony. Shooting starts in late May, so "Rabbit Hole" might be finished in time for Oscar contention at the end of the year.

Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ becomes a musical

Pop-punks Green Day are taking their multi-platinum 2004 concept album "American Idiot" and turning it into a stage musical.

You’ll recall the title song, in which lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong reasoned, "Maybe I am the faggot America/I’m not part of a redneck agenda."

"American Idiot," like the album that spawned it, is about coming of age in an America rocked by 9/11, and it makes its stage premiere in September at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in California.

Running the show is gay Broadway biggie Michael Mayer, who won a Tony for putting together "Spring Awakening." Mayer’s other credits include the musicals "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and the revival of "You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown."
Don’t be surprised to see this "Idiot" go all the way to the Great White Way.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 10, 2009.
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