Best Airline
Southwest Airlines

It’s unseamly to complain about air travel options when you live in North Texas. We have one of the largest, busiest airports in the world, which can take you practically anywhere, and weather delays are uncommon. We also have two major airlines based here … and two airports. And it’s the second of those that readers celebrated. And why not? Southwest practically invented casual flying, with friendly staff, reasonable fares and convenience to the gayborhood (the Cedar Springs location of Love Field is a real treat). If a huge legacy carrier can be said to have a camp mentality, Southwest is it.

— Arnold Wayne Jones


Best Weekend Getaway
Rainbow Ranch, Groesbeck,

Best Local Hotel
Warwick Melrose Hotel Dallas
3015 Oak Lawn Ave. •

Best LGBT Destination
San Francisco, Calif.

Best LGBT Cruise Experience
310-432-2300. •

Best Local Travel/Cruise Agency
The Pauer Group
972-214-2000. •

The Travel Bureau
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Best Online Travel Site or App

Best Romantic Getaway
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.