Armando Vera

A pastor in South Texas has launched what is said to be the first-ever Hispanic tea party chapter, reports. Pastor Armando Vera, based in Pharr in the Rio Grande Valley, says the chapter is needed in part because some Republicans have gotten away from the party’s principles. As an example, he cites the fact that “a congressman in New York” voted in favor of same-sex marriage:

Vera said Hispanics are naturally conservative and he intends to reach out and inform them about the harm he said liberal policies have on our nation.

“The first goal of our group is to return to basics,” Vera said. “And in this nation and God is the base. Another topic we want to focus on is family values.”

Vera, who was born in Mexico but became a naturalized citizen of the United States, feels that some Republicans are too politically-motivated when it comes to voting.

“Every Republican has principles, but when it comes to politics, in more than one occasion these principles and values seem to be lost,” Vera said. “For example, a congressman in New York voted for gay marriage, and that is wrong in my eyes.”

Vera presumably is referring not to “a congressman,” but to the four members of the New York State Senate who voted in favor of marriage equality. has a poll up with the story asking people whether it’s necessary to form a Hispanic tea party. So far, 51 percent say no. Hopefully that’s because they realize that if it were up to the tea party, they’d be in Mexico.