Councilman Diego Bernal

Councilman Diego Bernal

A new draft of San Antonio’s proposed nondiscrimination ordinance released Tuesday lists restroom use for transgender people under its exemptions.

“Nothing herein shall be construed as directing any policy or practice regarding the use of restrooms, shower rooms, or similar facilities which have been designated for use by persons of the opposite sex,” the new draft states.

Councilman Diego Bernal, the ordinance’s author, did not respond to requests for comment as to why the compromise was necessary. The ordinance had support from Mayor Julian Castro and six council members last week, which was enough to pass the ordinance. A vote is expected on Sept. 5.

Equality Texas released a statement about the change, calling for citizens to contact council members to express their views of the unnecessary change that targets transgender people. People contact council members here.

“Equality Texas opposes the restroom language in this draft and is working with coalition partners to have it revised,” the statement reads. “Please continue to keep pressure on the San Antonio City Council to pass an ordinance that respects ALL people, regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or veteran status.”

GetEQUAL TX has started an online petition to speak out against the “compromise that would allow for discrimination against the transgender community in accessing public restrooms,” according to its website.

“This is unacceptable. Access to public accommodations must include the basic ability to use the restroom without harassment. We are poorly served by allies that compromise the basic dignity of trans people for political expediency.”