Elisa Chan

Elisa Chan

San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan is under fire for a recording that reveals her anti-gay views and opposition to a city nondiscrimination ordinance.

Chan says she thinks homosexuality is “disgusting” and she’s opposed to gay couples adopting children during the May 21 meeting with staff, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

The discussion during the meeting focused on how she could oppose the ordinance, which would add protections based on sexual orientation, gender identity and veteran status. The council is expected to vote on Sept. 5.

In the meeting, recorded by former aide James Stevens, Chan said she doesn’t believe people are born gay and finds the discussion of the term pansexual confusing.

“I know that this is not politically correct, but I never bought in that you are born gay. I can’t imagine that,” Chan said.

Someone then mentions the counter argument is people say they’re born straight, to which Chan replies, “Absolutely.”

“We are born with our sexuality,” she said. “Everything else is behavioral preference.”

Chan and her staff discuss how she can oppose the ordinance without her feelings being revealed, possibly in an Op-ed or focusing on how she stands for “traditional vales.” The group also discusses how same-sex marriage and being gay will lead to incest and bestiality.

While she mentions she voted no to putting it in the state Constitution that marriage is between a man and a woman, she is opposed to gay adoption because it confuses children, adding that “anything against nature is not right.”

“This is my philosophy, guys,” she said. “Whatever you want to do in your bedroom is none of my business, but do not impose your view on other people, especially becoming policy because personally, I think it’s just disgusting just to even think about.”

Chan told the Express-News she’d need to hear the recoding before commenting on it. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who supports the ordinance, told the Huffington Post that her comments were hurtful.

“Councilwoman Chan’s remarks were hurtful and ignorant,” Castro said. “[No one should] believe for one second that they represent the views of San Antonians. Ours is a city that welcomes everyone and appreciates diversity.”

James Poindexter, secretary of Pride San Antonio Inc., released a lengthy statement in regards to the Chan recording. It reads, in part: “Chan has been irresponsible and downright inflammatory in her statements. Whether the recording is of a staff meeting or a council meeting her statements are reprehensible and clearly show a lack of education, a lack of dignity, a lack of class, and above all a lack of a sense of duty to her constituency.”

Chan’s comments were made public a few days after gay Marine veteran Eric Alva was booed while he addresses the City Council in favor of the ordinance.

Discussion in San Antonio has lead to protests both in favor and opposition to the ordinance. An online petition has been started to help garner support for its passage.

Listen to the recording below.