In the morning as we are getting ready for work, my wife and usually watch The Daily Buzz news program. That’s how I found out about “Save the Ta-Tas.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a business called “Save the Ta-Tas” is doing its part to promote awareness with its own special brand of humor. The Daily Buzz crew has joined in, calling its breast cancer awareness efforts “Save the Ta-Tas” too.

Today, I was checking out the “Save the Ta-Tas” Web site, and all the different stuff they have for sale, including T-shirts and hoodies bearing some version of the “Save the Ta-Tas” logo. There is one shirt slogan that encourages men — and lesbians — to “Save a life, Grope your wife,” and even one that promotes awareness of cancers specific to men: “Go! Nads! (This is not just an awesome shirt, it’s a donation to the fight against cancer.) Keep your man parts.”

There is also a pink ribbon logo and an acknowledgment that a portion of all proceeds from Save the Ta-Tas sales go to breast cancer research, a total of $189,000 so far.

There’s more than just t-shirts, too. They have buttons and magnets and totes, and even something called “Boob Lube” designed to help women do more comprehensive and accurate breast self exams.

Check it out here. It looks like a great way, to me, to promote both awareness and research. Like the Ta-Tas mission statement says, laughter heals.skachat-point-blankпоисковый аудит сайта online