This week 42 years ago, the Stonewall Inn was the crucible where the gay rights movement was ignited. But on Friday night — just before New York City Pride — it was a very different but raucous scene.

Ray Robert Lee, who lives in Hell’s Kitchen, took these photos. He was meeting a friend for dinner in the West Village, and they decided to walk over to Sheridan Square and Christopher Street. At 10L31 p.m., as they hit the intersection where the Stonewall is, Lee’s iPhone flashed: The state senate had passed same-sex marriage.

“The streets erupted,” he says. “Christopher Street had been cordoned off and thousands were flocking and cheering and celebrating.”

The scene overwhelmed him, he says, filling him with pride over the diversity of the community and the historic moment he was a part of, but also remembering those friends who did not make it to this day.

Thanks to our friend, Dallas’ Gordon Markley, who put Lee in touch with us. More pics below.