St. Vincent’s Episcopal School in Bedford says it would deny admission to the child of an unmarrried heterosexual couple, in the same way that it denied admission to the daughter of two lesbians. But we’re not buying it. Did they require straight couples to bring marriage licenses to parents night on Tuesday, where they discovered that both Jill and Tracy Harrison are women? What if the parents are in a heterosexual marriage but the father is a closeted homosexual? They’d probably be totally supportive of that.

Again, despite the name, this school isn’t Episcopal. It’s part of an Anglican group that left the Episcopal Church over the denomination’s acceptance of gays and lesbians. In light of that, this act of bigotry isn’t the least bit surprising.

Fox 4 is running a poll asking whether it’s right for the school to deny admission to the girl. Dumb question, but sadly the school is probably within its constitutional right to religious freedom.