SCOTUSThe U.S. Supreme Court handed down six decisions this morning. Most were related to criminal law. Decisions were not handed down on the two most widely anticipated cases: marriage equality and the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act decision will affect people in Texas and other states that didn’t expand Medicaid coverage and get their insurance through the federal exchange.

In another decision today, Walker v. Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans, the court decided “Texas was entitled to refuse to issue plates featuring SCV’s proposed design.” The proposed design included a confederate battle flag. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals had found Texas was compelled to issue the license plate. The vote was 5-4 with Alito, Scalia, Kennedy and Roberts dissenting.

By the end of today, the court will announce a schedule for releasing decisions next week. Monday, June 22, and the following Monday, June 29, are already on the schedule.