Rep. Pete Sessions

According to Rep. Pete Sessions, whose district includes parts of the Oak Lawn gayborhood, the Orlando nightclub Pulse where the massacre occurred on June 12 wasn’t a gay club.

In an interview with National Journal reporter Daniel Newhauser, Sessions said Pulse wasn’t a gay club, but a young person’s club. Most of the people killed were Latinos, not gay, according to the Oak Lawn representative whose district includes Lee Park, The Round-Up Saloon and Hunky’s. (S4, Sue Ellen’s and JR’s are within Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s District, but Sessions’ district crosses Cedar Springs Road to include Zephyr and Woody’s).

This is the same politician who, when asked several years ago about gay people in his district, ¬†said there weren’t any.

Since he believes most of those killed in Orlando weren’t LGBT, can Sessions suddenly justify any sympathy for them? Of course not. They were Latino, apparently a step below gay on the Sessions scale.

For the record, Latinos and Latinas may be gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. (Did I really have to spell that out for a congressman?)

And also for the record, if we learn that any of the people killed at Pulse were straight, we’ll mourn for them exactly as we mourn for the others massacred on Sunday morning.