By Daniel A. Kusner Life+Style Editor

Transgender wonder woman Amanda Lepore hits Dallas. And she might even get naked

THE IDES OF AMANDA: Performing on March 15, Lepore says the party starts as soon as her dress drops.

The last time Amanda Lepore was in Dallas was in 2004. As Boy George was deejaying at the Arcadia Theater, she stood on top of a speaker cabinet and took off all her clothes. All of them. And when she kicked off her panties, she did the cutest little twirl.

“I did?” she laughs. “How shocking. My dress must have ripped.”

In just three short years, Lepore’s career has changed quite a bit. She’s migrated from being David LaChapelle’s surgically enhanced muse to a transsexual musical sensation. And with lyrics by gay rhyme-spitter Cazwell, Lepore can also bust a mean rap.

Last year, she released “My Hair Looks Fierce,” a funny and infectious ditty that’s now being used as the theme song for the competitive reality-show “Tease.” And you can hear Lepore’s rendition of “I Know What Boys Like” in the teen sex-farce “Another Gay Movie.”

On Thursday, following the Sister Scissors gig at the Palladium Ballroom, Dallas’ glitterati will head to Minc Lounge for a special birthday shindig where Lepore promises to flex her chops as a songstress.

“I don’t know what I’ll sing,” Lepore says from her apartment in New York. “Probably, “‘Turn Me On, Turn Me Over,’ which will be on my new album. Also, part of my rap-duet “‘Get into It’ and Larry Tee’s “‘My Pussy.'”

A new album?

“The only thing I can do by myself is get ready and look pretty. So having a music career is kind of a surprise. I have a lot of help. And Cazwell has helped a lot,” she says.

Relatively new on the music scene, Cazwell is best described as Eminem’s gay twin. A foxy-looking twin at that. Are Caz and Lepore a romantic item?

“No, he’s gay,” Lepore says. “If he was straight, we would probably be together.”

So she only dates dudes who are straight?

“Pretty much. I tried dating a gay guy: We started making out, but it only got as far as oral sex on me. He couldn’t get it up,” she explains.

Gay vs. straight; man vs. woman: Lepore says she doesn’t get caught up in labels.

“Sex is really what’s in your head. Even when I was a boy in my head, I was a girl,” she explains. “Now it doesn’t bother me. Because I once tried to erase my past. I tried to be like a woman. I was even married. But if I was a genetic woman, I would have gotten pregnant at least 100 times. And I would not have the body I have now.

“But everything has its place. Now I’m proud to be a transsexual,” she continues. “My passport says male, but the picture is me. And everyone at the airport calls me “‘Miss.'”

Has she ever dated a professional male athlete?

“Yes,” she says.

What sport?

“Soccer for a team in London,” she says.

Did you make the scene as a couple?

“Oh, no. It was very hush-hush on the D.L. Needless to say, it didn’t last long,” she says.

Will Lepore get naked when she comes back to Dallas again?

“Maybe. I’m not sure. It’s not in my contract,” she says. “An old boyfriend used to get jealous when I got naked in public. But now he’s gone. And I’m back to being a single woman.”

Amanda Lepore performs at Minc Lounge, 813 Exposition Ave. March 15. Doors at 9 p.m. $10 presale. $15 at door. 214-370-4077.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 09, 2007 free online mobile gameпродвижение сайтов дмитров