According to, this is a list of the most sexually active countries with the number of times the average person in that country has sex per year:

1. France: 137
2. Greece: 133
3. Hungary: 131
4. Macedonia: 129
5. Bulgaria: 128
6. Czech Republic: 125
7. Croatia: 120
8. United Kingdom: 119
9. Iceland: 119

Sound pretty low? To me too, until you figure it includes heterosexuals.

So I understand how some of these countries made it to the top of the list. Been to  most of them. France? Yup. Being Hungarian, what do you mean France and Greece beat us? Czech Republic? OK. Greece? Definitely. Gotta get back there. United Kingdom? Don’t get that one. Macedonia? They pride themselves in NOT being Greek.

And according to a study by Trojan condoms, Americans have sex just 84 times per year. Really? America, you should be ashamed. Us Hungarian-Americans can only do so much for the team. (Is it bad that I look at this as a competitive sport?)