Liz Primo’s debut ‘Exposed.’ Shab or fab?

For this week’s entry of Shabby Shriek, we look to Liz Primo. Last week, I received her debut Exposed, which might have been renamed “derivative.” With her Nicki Minaj look on the cover and Katy Perry whimsical and colorful getups on the inside, I wondered if I had heard this already — you know, without having to open it and listen.

But to be fair, I did open and pop it in on the drive home. With only six songs (and one remix), I figured this would be easy to get through. By track four, I pulled out Primo and put in the infinitely better Femme Fatale by Britney Spears. Now, how often do you hear that?

So here we go:

WTF IS Liz Primo? These are some of the highlights from her three-page press release. Yes, three pages which can be read here.

•  Never has a song title better introduced an artist than “State of Amazing” the first single from the newest pop/dance music diva …
•  An Austin, Texas native, Liz grew up in a home where rock ‘n’ roll was prohibited and absorbed the influences of her generation when visiting the homes of her friends.
•  … she was constantly steered toward Americana singer-songwriter material…but it wasn’t sparking her creative soul.
•  She knew she was still on a quest to find what was the right artistic fit for her.
•  While Liz had never studied dance, working with [choreographer] Phlex awakened a passion and energy that confirmed this was the music she wanted to write, record and perform.
•  “Within one year Liz has proven to me she is the definition of a true star,” commented Phlex. “Her consistent yearning for improvement and drive for success shows that she will be an amazing entertainer in all aspects. I live by Dedication Determination Discipline Drive = Dream, and she is the perfect equation.”

SOUNDS LIKE: Primo gives upbeat dance music with songs like her first single “State of Amazing” and “Waste of Love.” The dance part of her music is fun enough, but the lyrics are out of a middle-school girl’s diary — or Tumblr.


So what do you think? Shab? Or fab?