We’ve made a slight change here in Shabby Shriek of the Week. We’ve switched out the Sounds Like analysis with a lyric sampling in Words Up, so you can be better informed before making your “shab” or “fab” vote for the next pop princess.

Now, let’s take a look at Meital’s “Yummy Boyz.”

WTF IS Meital?

Apparently she’s a big deal — in Israel. Meital Dohan is singer/actress/playwrite who most American audiences might know from her recurring role on Weeds as Yael Hoffman. She’s also been nominated for two Israeli Academy Awards and won an Isreali Tony Award. Who knew?

Now she’s going after gay audiences with her foray into music. I received a disc of seven remixes of her first single “Yummy Boyz.” The hook has promise, but the lyrics — meh. The song is from her upcoming album, I’m in Hate with Love.


From LyricsNice.com:

Take it in take it on, take it up now
Take it in take it on, take it up now
These boys are hot and horny


You don’t’ wanna be the one who ..
Never met .. never know when to quit
Never have brought me diamonds or ..flowers
Never have to .. after hours
So I’m movin’ on, movin’ on
Yes I’m movin’ on, yes I’m movin’ on


The video is all over the place, but I have to say, the fire crotch and Obama look-alike shooting his gun in her mouth kept me watching.


What do you think? Is Meital shab or fab?