Skylar Grey: Shab or Fab?

Every week I get at least one CD or digital track from the next Britney/Gaga/Rihanna and so forth. There are lots of dance diva or pop princess wannabes out there and many of them come my way because they hope to hit the gay market. I don’t blame them. We love our dance music. But with so many aspirants out there, it’s tough to muddle through the mediocre and find who sticks out.

In the new Shabby Shriek column, we’ll take a look at one female singer at a time, post a track(s), maybe a video, some vital info from websites or social netowrks and let you decide if she’s Shab or Fab. We may throw a guy in here and there, but trust me, the ladies outweigh the men big time in this area.

Oh, and thanks to colleague Chance who loves him some dancey divas for days. He assisted with the concept.

This week, I received Skylar Grey’s “Invisible” remixes — seven (count them, seven!) different versions of a song from her upcoming album of the same name. This reminded me that I had received another single earlier this summer. Come to find out, I also have eight remixes of her song “Dance Without You.”

WTF IS Skylar Grey? From Facebook:

Skylar Grey recently penned the worldwide number 1 smash hit “Love the Way You Lie” (Parts I and II, and the Piano Version) for Eminem and is currently working on music with Alex Da Kid, along with being signed to his production company, Wonderland Records.

SOUNDS LIKE: Based on the Fred Falke remix, “Invisible” is the most accessible. Her lyrics are dark (Even though inside I’m such a mess/ why do I always feel invisible?) and her voice has ethereal tones to it a bit like Kerli.”Dance Without You” as a remix is fine, but both songs in their original versions are much more complex. But of the remixes for the latter, the David Andrew Sitek Remix was both dark and eccentric.


I dig the “Invisible” vid, but “Dance Without You” creeps me out too much.

So what do you think? Shab or Fab?