Farouk Shami’s campaign may be falling apart, and he may be pulling only 11 percent in one recent poll, but that hasn’t stopped him from stumping, passionately, for votes. Shami delivered a fiery speech on Tuesday night at Stonewall Democrats of Dallas’ regular meeting at Ojeda’s on Maple Avenue. In his third appearance before an LGBT group in Dallas, Shami told Stonewall he would support gays and lesbians “all the way to the altar.”

“You want to get married? I’ll be the judge,” Shami said at the outset of his speech.

He then recounted his rags to riches journey from Palestinian immigrant to hairdresser to hair care products magnate. At one point he stopped and asked, “Are there any hairdressers here today?” When no one raised their hand, he said, “Most hairdressers are gay. How come they’re not here?”

Shami told Stonewall he played an important role in getting Annise Parker elected mayor of Houston. “We have a black president. We have a gay mayor. It’s time for a brown governor,” he said.

Asked by Stonewall President Erin Moore about his policy statement on LGBT issues, Shami acknowledged that he basically took the statement directly from Hank Gilbert, who’s running for agriculture commissioner. But Shami said he goes a step further than the policy statement — which calls only for civil unions.

“I’ll be the justice of the peace,” he said.gool поисковая система